Verni Alfaidze, Ivane Japaridze, Abesalom Vekua, Ioseb Gudushauri, Archil Maghalashvil, Romanoz Kharatishvili, Teimuraz Koroshinadze, Berdia Zautashvili, Badri Mkheidze, Nodar Tsertsvadze, Teimuraz Ebralidze, Valerian Zukhbaia, Merab Chalatashvili




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Our Virtues Volume V

How did the territory of Georgia look millions of years ago? What was the natural environment that contributed to the emergence of ancient human settlements in our country? Would one of immemorial human beings settle here if he could not fi nd exceptionally favorable conditions for his existence in this corner of the world? Unique fi ndings, unearthed at the archeological excavations in Dmanisi, carried the entire world off its feet! Discovery of ancient humanoid’s lower jaw made the age of the first European twice older. Th e fi nding resulted in unanimous worldwide scientifi c conclusion: The first European was Georgian! What minerals does the soil of Georgia cherish? How was Georgia’s subsoil formed over a lengthy geological period? What were the natural laws that were conducive to the countrywide distribution of such precious riches as underground soft , mineral and thermal waters, therapeutic mud, rare metals, building and facing stones, etc? How did our ancestors use them and how do we use this magic world of inexhaustible natural source, embedded in the subsoil of Georgia? These are the questions that should be on the mind of all people, who care for the past, present and future of Georgia.


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