Koba Kharadze, Zurab Seperteladze, Eter Davitaia





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Our Destiny Volume IV

“What the great painter of the nature has created in Georgia,.. is unique and even the creator himself cannot create anything like it again” _ and these words do not belong to a Georgian man, they belong to Victor Kernbach, a Rumanian poet. And indeed we are the owners of a really unique nature in our country. In this small land we have all of these: the sea and the desert, sunny valleys and untouched snow, summits of incomparable beauty and emerald fields, azure lakes and rivers with transparent pure water, and a European civilization coexisting with Middle Age habits and customs… What about the entrails of the Earth in this blessed clime?! In caves of unimaginable beauty you can glide the underground streams by boat, and all around you the formations deposited by dripping water through millennia display brilliant gammas of colours and forms, and the sulphur and mineral waters present cures for various kinds of diseases. All of these and even more in this present edition are recited in sound literary language; the book will be helpful for the schoolchildren, their pedagogues, university entrants, undergraduate students, and, in general, for all the interested readers. Another great virtue of the book is the fact that it is rich in splendid illustrative materials, which attach completed and impressive air to the edition. Keeping all of the aforementioned in mind, the popular scientific work “Chveni Girsebani” (Our Virtues), volume 4, will surely cause keen interest in the broad society.


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